Homemade Almond Butter

Makes 2 lbs (about 4 cups)

Tip: One of my favorite snacks is apple slices with almond butter. One of my not-favorite things is paying $8 – $12 for a 12-ounce jar of almond butter, especially when I can purchase good quality dry roasted almonds for about $6 per pound to make my own. A food processor is required, but if you have one, this recipe is a snap. I do about one pound of nuts at a time in my 7-cup Cuisinart.

1 lb whole dry roasted, unsalted almonds
1 lb whole dry roasted, low salt almonds

Mix almonds together so the salt is distributed among the whole batch. Divide again into 2 batches.

Warm one batch of almonds for about 1 minute on high in a microwave, or in a 350 degree F oven for about 5 minutes if a microwave is not available. This helps to release the almond oil and temporarily soften the nuts. Working quickly, put the first batch of warm almonds into the food processor and process until nuts become chunky, then eventually, creamy. You may want to scrape down the sides a time or two. There will be steam when you take the lid off.

Scrape the almond butter into a storage container that has a lid and can be kept in the refrigerator. Repeat with the second batch of almonds. DONE. It really is that simple. 😀

Note: If you prefer to use raw almonds and roast them yourself, there are various recommendations on the internet. I have good luck with the dry roasted nuts that I can buy at Trader Joe’s, so that is my preference.


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