Avocado Toast

Serves 2

Tip: Do you love avocados? Have you tried them on toast? This popular dish frequently appears on cafe menus but is oh, so simple to make at home (we prefer a very basic version). If I can’t find a perfectly ripe avocado at the market, I buy a very firm green one (or 2 or 3 😋) that has a securely attached stem piece or cap at the top. I hold the avocado at room temperature for 2-3 days until the stem begins to loosen. It can then be used OR moved to the refrigerator for 3 or 4 days to reduce the risk of over-ripening. Plan ahead if you want to prepare this on specific days and you can always have perfect avocados available. Jump on the AT bandwagon!

1 perfectly ripe avocado
2 slices hearty bread (we used bakery sourdough here, but often prefer dense multigrain)
High quality olive oil
Freshly ground sea salt & black pepper
Optional seasonings and toppings as you desire (ex: hot sauce, mashed roasted garlic, chopped tomatoes, poached or fried egg, etc.)

Wash and dry the avocado; cut in half lengthwise around the avocado pit. Divide in two parts. Carefully whack the center of the pit with the blade of a chef’s knife and give a little twist to lift the pit from the avocado (there are lots of videos if you need a visual). Cut vertical slices inside the halves.

Toast the bread slices; place each slice on a plate.
With a serving spoon, scoop into each avocado half to lift the slices and place them on the toasted bread. You can make it pretty or you can make it practical. 😉
Drizzle or drip a small amount of olive oil over the avocado; finish with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. This is my favorite way to enjoy AT, but check the optional suggestions in the ingredients list above if you want to fancy it up.

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